HOW can I Help?

There are times in our lives when we get to step up and be heroes for people who we may never meet, we get to be angels for those who need a miracle. This is one of those times.

When the earthquake hit Nepal recently, countless lives were shaken in the aftermath. Among those affected were the 44 children in a small orphanage about an hour outside of Kathmandu that my brother has become close to over the last several years in numerous humanitarian trips he has taken to Nepal.

Their living quarters were destroyed in the quake, and they are now surviving in temporary make-shift tents. They need help badly right now, and we are the ones who get to step up and create a miracle for them.


( If you’d like the full details, we recorded a call sharing stories from this orphanage, talking about what has happened since the earthquake and what they need now. LISTEN TO REPLAY OF INFORMATION CALL: )

There are three ways we need support:

1) DONATE… They estimate the repairs to the orphanage will cost at least $150,000. Our goal is to raise as much of this as we can in the next 2 weeks. 100% of the Proceeds will go directly to help the orphans. Whether you can donate $50 or $500, or any other amount, every dollar matters.

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( Get creative too.. we have people organizing neighborhood garage sales, getting donations from businesses or friends, working with their family to do a lemonade stand… There are many ways to help. )

2) SHARE… Who are 10 people you know who would care enough to be part of this effort? Reach out to them, and simply share with them what is going on and ask if they’d be willing to contribute anything. They will most likely be grateful for the chance to help in some way.

In addition to personal contact, please SHARE ON FACEBOOK

Here’s a sample post you can use. Customize as you desire, or create something totally different.
“I’m part of a team working to help out some children in an Orphanage in Nepal which was devastated by the earthquake and we could use your help… Let me know if you’re interested, and I will send you a link with some more details.”

( then send them to )

3) CREATE or SUPPORT a FUNdraising event. To see an example of an events done previously, see MAGIC, MUSIC, and MIRACLES



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For years, my brother Clint has traveled to Nepal to volunteer and help with an Orphanage there. I have always loved hearing his stories as he has returned. He helped them with many projects including getting clean running water, and putting up a fence to keep the tigers out.

During the recent earthquake this orphanage was badly damaged. The kids now are staying in temporary tents…

Here’s an email they sent to my brother as soon as the internet was working.

“Dear Clint,

It is really sad that the earthquake took breathe away from many people. Me and my family is safe. Even most of the people in my locality are safe.

Major destruction is seen in the center of the capital, as you might have heard. Please don’t worry about us. The death toll is high. Many people are homeless.

Effects of earthquake are:
– Starvation
– Electricity cut-off.

– Sewage water have mixed with drinking water.
– Lack of communication service.
– Lack of shelter and so on T

hough many medicinal, and economical support has been provided, the management is not proper. People are robbing due to starvation in some parts.

So,you might be able to imagine the situation, its worst. Regarding orphan homes, all the kids and family members are safe and free from any injury. All orphan homes are free from any destruction, except for Shivapuri Dadagaun Ashram. The recent construction we made are all safe(Kitchen/Bathroom), but the old rooms (Bed Rooms/Roof) have been destroyed, and the kids are staying under tent for now. S

o, the shelter is a problem for the kids. It has to be repaired as soon as possible.

So, is there any possible way to collect fund for repairing it? Please reply on this matter ASAP.”

Here is a video and a some pictures of the children and orphanage we will be helping.


tents ruins3 ruins2 ruins1 ruins20150501111223 (1)

THANK YOU FOR JOINING US IN THIS EFFORT… your help is appreciated more than you know. Gerald Rogers.